The Treasurer shall be the legal custodian of all monies, notes, securities and other valuables that may come into the possession of the Club, except monies for the Trip Account. He/she shall deposit or cause to be deposited those funds coming into possession of the Club in a reliable depository to be designated by the Board of Directors and shall maintain such deposits in the name of the Club. He/she shall keep correct and complete records of account showing accurately at all times the financial condition of the Club. He/she shall furnish at meetings of the Board of Directors, or whenever requested by the Board of Directors, a budget for approval covering the general income and expenses of the Club. The Treasurer shall prepare and submit to the Board of Directors at the close of the administrative year for approval a statement of the financial condition of the Club. He/she shall be responsible for the preparation and submission of all required tax returns. At the end of the administrative year, he/she shall submit a final accounting to the Finance Committee for audit before transition to the in-coming Treasurer.