Vice President of Trips

The Vice President of Trips shall assist the President and perform such duties of that office as may be delegated to him/her by the President. He/she shall be responsible for all trip functions of the Club. He/she will assign duties to the Vice President of Trips-Elect and serve as a mentor such that the Elect officer will be prepared to assume full responsibilities of the office the following administrative year.

He/she shall be responsible to the Board of Directors for proper fiscal accounting. He/she shall furnish at meetings of the Board of Directors, or whenever requested by the Board of Directors, a statement of the financial condition of the trip account, and shall furnish a statement of the income and expenses of each trip upon its completion to the Board of Directors. At the end of the administrative year, he/she shall submit a final accounting to the Finance Committee for audit before transition to the in-coming Vice President of Trips.

Annually, in the spring or summer, the Vice President of Trips shall present to the Board of Directors for review a list of prospective Trip Leaders. At a subsequent Board of Directors meeting, he/she shall present to the Board of Directors for review and approval a list of Trip Leaders and the trips to which they have been assigned.