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Volunteer Opportunities

The Ski Club has many committees and opportunities for you to get involved at whatever level your schedule and interest allow. You do not need to be a long time member to work with us although it’s fine if you are an ‘old-timer’ as well! Working with others in the club is the very best way to get to know people. Not only will you be doing a great service for the Club, you will find that you can have fun doing it as well! Most of these opportunities do not require a large commitment of time.

Listed below are some of the ways you might consider volunteering for the Club. If you would like to discuss any of these in more detail, please Contact Us, and direct your question/comment to the appropriate topic or office on the form.

Listed below are the volunteer opportunities available.

  • Trip Leader – A trip leader works in conjunction with the VP of Trips to manage the trip signups and logistics of taking the group on a designated trip. The Trip Leader’s trip is discounted in the range of 70-100%. Good organizational and communication skills, travel experience, and a desire to help others have fun are the most important factors in this job. Trip Leaders for ski trips are assigned during the early summer months so an application to be a trip leader must be submitted in the May timeframe or whenever an advertisement on the web or in the newsletter is displayed. To submit a Trip Leader application online, click here. If you have additional questions or comments, please contact the Trips VP via the Contact Us form.

  • Officer – The Club officers and associated responsibilities are identified on the Meet the Board page and include President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, VP of Trips, VP of Trips-Elect, and VP of Member Services. Nominations for election are held in March and the election takes place at the April Club meeting. If interested, contact the current officer of that position or indicate your interest to our Elections Chairman. If interested in serving for any of these positions, contact either the current officer of that position or the President via the Contact Us form.

  • Council Representative – The Indianapolis Ski Club is currently a member of multiple regional Ski Councils (Ohio Valley Ski Council – OVSC, Chicago Metropolitan Ski Council – CMSC, and ISC – Indiana Ski Council). One person per council is designated to be the liaison between the Indianapolis Ski Club and that council. This representative’s primary responsibilities are to communicate between the council and the club and to provide information to both parties regarding activities and decisions that need to be made. Occasional attendance at council meetings may be a requirement. If interested, contact the President via the Contact Us form.

  • Ski Rack – The Ski Rack Chairman is responsible for managing the inventory and sales of Ski Club merchandise. This is done primarily at the Club meetings or other special functions as designated. Responsibilities include transportation and set up of the inventory at Club meetings, managing pricing and re-stocking, sales to members, collection and deposit of funds. If interested, contact the Ski Rack Chairman via the Contact Us form.

  • Ski Instructors – The Club has a small group of PSIA certified instructors that provide free instruction to our members. If you have been an instructor or are otherwise pursuing PSIA certification and are interested in the Club instruction program, please contact our Ski Instructor Chairman via the Contact Us form.

  • Webmaster – The Webmaster has primary responsibility for keeping the content on the Club website up to date. A detailed knowledge of web programming is not necessary but is helpful. The maintenance function of the website is critical to its overall effectiveness and usefulness to its members. If interested, contact our current Webmaster via the Contact Us form.

  • Committees – The Club has a number of committees to assist with the overall operations of the Club. The committees vary in size from one to eight people and help in each of these areas is always welcomed. Some committees have regularly scheduled meetings, while others are managed more informally by a single individual. The President appoints most committee chairs annually, however, help in serving each committee is open to new membership at any time. If interested, please contact the President via the Contact Us form.

    The Committees are: Advertising, Finance, Newsletter, Programs, Publicity/Marketing, and Social.