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Instruction Information

The Indianapolis Ski Club offers FREE instruction for beginning and intermediate skiers on designated trips. Our primary objectives are teaching skiing skills, teaching skiing safety, and making the learning experience fun for the student. Like other ski schools, ISC's instructors are certified by the Professional Ski Instructors of America, but our students get a chance to evaluate us at the end of a lesson with the Instructor Feedback Form. We also have great ski instruction tips and techniques in our library so check out those articles. See how much MORE fun winter can be when the slopes ski easier!

  • Indy Ski Club instructors are trained and certified by Professional Ski Instructors of America, the same group that certifies your instructor at Vail, or Aspen, or Perfect North. So you're assured that these folks know the technical stuff, and they know how to explain it to you.

  • All instructors must re-train to keep their certification status, so they are up on the latest skiing techniques. Some have even been trained on "shaped skis", and we are looking for feedback from club members on whether we should offer Snowboarding lessons.

  • Not just anybody who can ski well gets to teach for ISC. Our instructors are all PATIENT. They won't yell at you when you fall down (husbands and boyfriends don't yell either, but there sure is a lot of tension at the apres-ski party).

  • Our instructors will see you again, so it's important that YOU enjoy yourself. To differing degrees (sometimes to extremes), they all have a sense of HUMOR, and that helps.

  • And to a person, they all had to learn to ski from the ground up... or is that from the snow up? So they try to put themselves in YOUR position, whether it's a never-ever lesson or a powder lesson.

  • One last point, and this is important. Our school is unique in that our students grade the teachers. We ask you to evaluate your lessons and your instructor, and we use it to improve our program. Last year we averaged a 96 percent rating from our students, and 100% of them said they would take more lessons from their instructor.

If you have any other questions regarding our instructors or the availability of instruction, please Contact Us, and direct your question/comment to "Instructors" on the form.