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Racing Information

Have you ever skied past the red and blue flags of a race course and wondered what ski racing was all about? Or, have you ever pictured yourself trying your first ski race, only to be featured in a segment of "The Agony of Defeat?" For anyone who truly enjoys skiing, recreational ski racing offers excitement, exhilaration, challenge, skill-improvement, a way to measure improvement, self satisfaction, competition, awards, camaraderie, and plain old fun!

Although The Indianapolis Ski Club no longer has its own race program, on many of our trips, a NASTAR race is held. NASTAR awards are earned by using a national standardized system for comparison with all skiers in the U.S.

For keeping track, at every NASTAR race you do, your time will be converted into a national handicap number. Watch that number from run to run or year to year to see your progress. All these things together add up to one great time.

Note that if you have raced before, you may already have a Nastar account, so please don't sign up again for another Nastar account at any other resort which creates multiple Nastar accounts for a racer. Just have them find and use your existing account.