Snowboarding Terms

A term used to describe crashing or falling. E.g. "He bailed and landed on his head"; to escape out of a trick.
A term used to describe something that is not good. E.g. "It's pretty beat that we have to shape the pipe all day."
A term used to describe catching air off a jump. E.g. "He boosted ten feet out of the halfpipe."
A term used the same as the verb "to do" only with more emphasis. E.g. "He busted huge air over that tree."
When the snowboard vibrates unnecessarily. Usually this happens at higher speeds and through turns. Racers are always trying to reduce chatter in their boards so they can stay in control.
When a snowcat freshly grooms a trail it will leave a finely ridged surface. Corduroy is usually very nice for laying out clean turns.
A term used to describe a crash or fall. E.g. "He fell off the lift and cratered into a snow bank."
Cruiser Run
What you call making a relaxed and mellow run on a fairly smooth trail.
1. A word to describe something that can't be described.
2. Foreign Currency. E.g. "Did you see the size of the DOINKLET'S?"
A term used to describe riding badly and out of control.
Grommet (Grom)
Another name for a small, young snowboarder. Especially one who is very "in" to snowboarding.
Used to accentuate something. E.g. "That is HELLA played out."
Used in place of Hella. E.g. "I'm Hecka tired of people saying Hella."
One who throws himself/herself wildly through the air and does not land on his/her feet.
The act of riding on something other than snow, i.e. rails, trees, garbage cans, logs.
When riding halfpipes or other jumps, one may come into contact with various abnormal and not smoothly transitional surfaces. These kinks cause problems when trying to ride over them.
Kanuter Valve
Used in place of Doinklet. Usually has sexual meaning. E.g. "I think I sprained my Kanuter Valve."
A term used to describe incorporating something into a trick just before its completion and landing. I.e, a Method to Late 180 would mean doing a method air and at the last possible second rotating 180° and landing fakie.
A term used to describe a crash or fall. E.g. "He packed into that snow bank and broke his leg."
Used to describe how exceptional something is. "Phat Air" might be a really styled out trick as well as being "large", that is, very high.
If the Halfpipe is closed, or the powder field is roped off...and you rode it anyway... you poached it.
One who pretends to be something one is not.
Crashing bad. "He caught his toe edge and punched the jump."
Rolling down the windows
A phrase used to describe when someone is caught off balance and they rotate their arms wildly in the air to try and recover.
A name for a certain interval in which one snowboards. E.g. "That was a good halfpipe session, but the powder session was even better."
An expression used to describe something exceptionally good.
The act of riding along precariously and near falling.
A term used to describe someone who cuts in front of you in the lift line, or drops in front of you in the halfpipe.
1. Another name for a snowboard.
2. A term used to describe making a good landing. E.g. "He stuck a huge Method Air off of that jump."
An alternate term for the word psyched. In other words, to be excited.
A term used to describe making a good landing. E.g. "He stomped that McTwist."
South Shore Birthday
A beating. E.g. "Don't make me give you a South Shore Birthday!"
A term used to express extreme joy. "That was tight!"
A term used to explain the emphasis of style in a trick. In other words, if someone "tweaked out a method", they would grab hard and create an emphasis of the maneuver such that their ankles or other joints may appear bent in injury. I.e, "He tweaked his ankle." or twisted to a maximum degree.
Something that is not good. E.g. "It's pretty wack that my board broke in half."